Legacy of Love Circle

We created the Legacy of Love Circle to celebrate those who have chosen to include Our Place Society in their estate plans, to keep them informed, and to bring together the like-minded people who share values and a concern for the future work of this charity.

As a member, you can customize your involvement. You can choose to have your name listed in our reports or remain anonymous. You can choose to attend special events, tours, or information sessions (as health restrictions allow) or simply receive Our Place’s newsletter updates. It’s completely up to you. Once you join, we will send you a package of information containing a form to complete which lets us know your personal preferences for future communications and involvement.

Please take a moment to complete our membership form so we can thank and welcome you to the Legacy of Love Circle.


December 21, 2022

Dr. Robert (Robin) Krause

Legacy Stories
A Founder of Our Place Remembered Dr. Robert “Robin” Krause carried a vision for the well-being of our most marginalized citizens,…
March 7, 2022

Lynn Martin

Legacy Stories
Lynn Martin moved to Victoria from Yukon in 2012 and was shocked at the number people she saw begging and living on our city’s streets. “I…
March 6, 2022

Eileen Gormley

Legacy Stories
Eileen Gormley followed her heart from Northern Ireland to Toronto.  After experiencing freezing rain, however, her heart had a rethink…

Are you feeling inspired by these donors and their legacies of love? You can do it, too.
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