Give the Gift of Love this Christmas!

This Christmas, give the gift of love.  Many of us don't need christmas presents, and will be happier and feel better at Christmas knowing that what we have has been generously shared with the people in our community who need it most.

You will receive a tax receipt for your generous donation and get an e-cards to send on to the person you're honouring. Minimum donation is $10.

In the coldest time of the year, these gifts go a long way to warming the hearts of vulnerable people affected by homelessness.  Know that your christmas gifts are making the world a brighter, warmer, and safer place for people in your community by giving a Gift of Love this christmas.

Have a special gift in mind, or want help giving special recognition for your gift?  Call Jagjit Sidhu on 250 940 5068 and he can help make special arrangements.