Our Place places volunteers in several main areas on an ongoing basis in support of our daily operations. Contact Manager of Volunteers at 250-388-7112 ext. 243 or [email protected]

Food Services

  • Dining Room - Volunteers in our dining room work as a team to assist our food services staff by making sandwiches, prepping food, serving meals, bussing tables and other clean-up activities. Sometimes there may be other jobs, such as organizing the pantry or walk-in cooler.
  • Nutrition Bar - Volunteers work as a team in our nutrition bar to serve coffee and tea, prep and serve snacks, run the dishwasher and clear tables in our drop-in center.

Practical Care

  • Clothing Room - Volunteers in our clothing room work in pairs to sort donated clothing, organize the items on racks, and help family members (clients) find what they need.
  • Hygiene - Volunteers in our hygiene area clean and disinfect showers, fold towels, and prepare bins for family members (clients) by placing a towel, washcloth, soap and shampoo in individual bins.

We have opportunities to work on administrative projects and donor relations (thank you phone calls) where they will interact with family members (clients), staff, and members of the wider community. There are also some opportunities to work reception in our busy duty outreach office where you will work with family members (clients) and staff to support the day to day activities of our team.

We have daily pick-ups and deliveries of donated items from businesses and organizations in our community. We are looking for responsible individuals with driver’s licenses and a safe driving record to fill this role.

Our Place offers a variety of programs to our family members including physical care (haircuts, foot care, dental and medical treatments), emotional support (healing circle, AA) and social or entertainment activities (art, bingo, board games, crafts and movies). If you have skills or interest in these areas or would like more information please connect with us.

Spiritual Care
Spiritual Care volunteers offer a listening ear and support to our family members (clients). This small team works closely with our spiritual care staff to support the family at OPS.  If you have skills or interest in these areas or would like more information please connect with us. (Criminal record check required)

Other Locations
Our Place has 3 other locations where we provide transitional housing and shelter for over 100 individuals. My Place Transitional Home, Choices Transitional Home and the First Met Shelter are in the process of developing volunteer programs in the areas of food services, social facilitators, arts and crafts and skill development. If you have skills or interest in these areas or would like more information please connect with us.

Special Events
Throughout the year Our Place provides opportunities for one time volunteers to engage in our community. Special holiday meals (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…) are prepared and there are opportunities for extra volunteers to help. We also need volunteers to support unique events in and outside of our building, for more information contact our volunteer services team.