About us

Our Place Society has grown from a unique inner-city community centre to multiple locations serving Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable, including people struggling with homelessness, mental health challenges, substance use issues, the working poor, LGBTQ+, and impoverished elderly.

Our Place provides over 1,400 meals every day, over 500 units of housing plus transitional shelter spaces, hot showers, education, job skills, health care, addiction recovery services, donated clothing, counseling, outreach services, and more. Our Place also operates a successful, long-term recovery community for men. Most importantly, Our Place provides a sense of hope and belonging to our neighbours in need.

We invite you to explore Our Place, either in person or through our website, so you too can experience the hope, belonging and empowerment that live here!

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Our Place offers Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens a place to call their own, where we live, share and grow together.

Our Vision: Nourishment, hope and belonging for all.

Our Values: Unconditional Love – We are an organization founded on progressive and inclusive Christian values and principles. We believe that everyone should experience unconditional love in a non-judgmental way.

  • Hope

    Our Place We are founded on the belief that each individual who comes through our doors will find inspiration, support and comfort. We believe in the potential of all and provide opportunities for positive change. We advocate for social justice.

  • Teamwork

    We value the contributions of our staff and volunteers, and ensure they are well trained and supported. We work together as one team committed to our mission, vision and values.

  • Belonging

    We strive to create a nurturing atmosphere of home and family, where all are welcome and can experience a sense of hope and belonging. We are inclusive. Our doors are open to those of all cultures and beliefs.

  • Safety

    We believe all who enter Our Place should feel secure and free from harassment or mistreatment of any kind. We endeavour to create a safe atmosphere where everyone can experience a sense of well-being.

Just a few members of our dedicated Outreach Team


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