Housing and Shelters

Our Place Society works in partnership with several provincial agencies to provide emergency and Transitional housing for our family members. Our Place Society operates numerous supportive housing sites in association with BC Housing, Island Health, PEERS, Cool-Aid Society, Umbrella Society and Aids Vancouver Island to provide rooms, meals, overdose prevention, medical services, storage, and other needed supports.

919 Pandora Ave (top three floors). Opened in 2007.

These 45 private transitional rooms are designed and fully equipped to help each resident feel at home in a supportive and caring environment. Two of these units are short-term housing for residents waiting for a spot in a detoxification or recovery program. The other 43 rooms are for those committed to moving toward independent living. Each resident works in consultation with Our Place Society support workers and a team of mental health and addictions clinicians. Together they develop a plan to overcome the barriers and challenges that stand between the resident and their dream of living a full and independent life.

Muncey Place, 3020 Blanshard St; Opened May 18, 2020.

The Comfort Inn was purchased by BC Housing to provide much needed housing for 120 people living in shelters and tent encampments in Victoria. The Comfort Inn was re-named Muncey Place in honour of a former family member. Muncey Place is divided into two separate housing sites – the Main building and Annex with a total of 120 units, run by Our Place, and the Tower, which has 30 units, operated by Cool-Aid.

Capital City Centre, 1961 Douglas St. Opened October 2020.

The Capital City Centre hotel currently has a total of 63 rooms for residents, each complete with their own washrooms. Our Place staff provide two meals a day – a hot breakfast and dinner, and PEERS provides snacks. Residents have access to laundry facilities and coffee in the front lobby. There is indoor secure bike storage as well as a bike area outside.

Howard Johnson, 310 Gorge Road East (temporary)

The Howard Johnson Hotel is under contract with BC Housing to run an emergency housing program on its property. Our Place operates the housing program and works with other onsite service providers to support the residents. Residents have their own rooms and washrooms, as well as a small fridge and other amenities. Residents receive two meals daily, and have access to the onsite Cool Aid clinic, SOLID Overdose Prevention Site and PEERS amenities, such as snacks, a clothing room, and a library.

MyPlace, 1240 Yates Street

MyPlace offers those who have been experiencing homelessness an opportunity to live in a temporary 24/7 home with 48 cots, meals and security for their belongings. MyPlace is staffed 24/7 with housing outreach workers and security.

First Met Shelter, 919 Pandora Avenue, lower level

Our Place Community Centre hosts a night shelter for those experiencing homelessness. The space holds 15 bunk beds for 30 people. The night shelter is run and staffed by Our Place.

Tiny Homes Village, 940 Caledonia St. Opened May 2021.

Tiny Town is the first of its kind in Victoria being made out of shipping containers, which have been converted into living quarters for one person. There are 30 of these containers as well separate shower and washroom facilities. Each micro-home has a floor size of around 100 square feet and equipped with a bed, nightstand, wardrobe and small fridge. They have electricity, but no cooking capacity; residents will have two meals delivered, a cold breakfast and a hot dinner, and will also have access to a common area to reheat food. Showers and washrooms are communal, with four dedicated shower/toilet rooms as well as one separate toilet room. Our Place Society operates the housing program which offers 24/7 supports. Video: Tiny Town Video Media: Tiny Town Opening

Russell Street Shelter, 225 Russell St.

At the Russell Street Transitional Shelter, we offer 60 shelter pods, meals and 24/7 staffing of support workers and security. We work in collaboration with many organizations as well as the neighbourhood we reside in to offer a safe and welcoming environment for individuals who have been experiencing homelessness. Video: Russell Street Opening