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Hungry Hearts Gala Fundraiser 2022

Hungry Hearts 2022 Gala Fundraiser We are excited to present the return of the Our Place’s popular Culinary Gala. Hungry Hearts is presented by PwC in September of 2022. This high-profile food competition has raised an incredible $1,075,000 for Our Place over the past eight years and is considered Victoria’s favourite culinary fundraiser. We hope […]

Portraits of Caring

Portraits of Caring IT’S YOUR TURN: For the past few years, renowned local artist Elfrida Schragen has painted portraits of community leaders. This year, you have the opportunity to have a personal portrait done by Mrs. Schragen. Consider a portrait of a spouse, your children, other family members, treasured pets, CEO, board member etc. Each […]

Lynn Martin

Lynn Martin moved to Victoria from Yukon in 2012 and was shocked at the number people she saw begging and living on our city’s streets. “I spoke to many of them,” she recalls, “And I heard heartbreaking stories of substance abuse, dangerous home lives, head injuries, and mental illness.”  She adds, “Joan Baez has a […]

Eileen Gormley

Eileen Gormley followed her heart from Northern Ireland to Toronto.  After experiencing freezing rain, however, her heart had a rethink and eventually led her to Victoria with her family.  She loved it here and worked as the Office Manager at First United back when the Rev. Lawrence Moon was in charge of the Open Door. […]

Denise Pearce

Denise Pearce died calmly and painlessly of cancer in her sleep at the Saanich Peninsula Hospice in 2011, but her story will live on for years to come thanks to her husband Chris Pearce.  During their 46 years together, their love never faltered (although Chris admits his deep devotion to salmon fishing was a close […]

Mikala’s Story

After surviving on the streets of Victoria for 10 years, Mikala finally found the strength and determination to change her life. “I died three times,” she says of her former life where she was addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. “All three times I was by myself, but divine intervention brought me back.” Her third […]

Dandelion Street Outreach program launches

Dandelion Street Outreach program launches at Our Place Our Place is known for its community drop-in centre on Pandora Avenue. It is one of the few places where anybody who is struggling with homelessness can find the help they need. But there is another portion of the street community who are hunkered down in isolated […]

Christmas Meal

Christmas at Our Place in time of pandemic  VICTORIA, B.C. – Despite COVID throwing another wrinkle in the works, Our Place wants to make sure that everyone can still enjoy a festive Christmas meal. “Our chefs are busy cooking turkey, smashing potatoes, mixing stuffing and peeling vegetables,” says Julian Daly, Chief Executive Officer of Our […]

Jordan’s Story

The perfect gift is unique to each individual, but the greatest gift of all can be the strength to save your own life. “I am the only surviving member of my family,” says Jordan, a recovering addict and team lead at New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community operated by Our Place. “My parents struggled with addiction […]