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Portraits of Caring

The leaders of tomorrow are already making their mark in Greater Victoria, and Our Place wants to celebrate our region’s incredible, hard-working youth with a special exhibition opening Thursday in Hillside Mall. The public is invited to visit our storefront directly beside BC Shaver & Hobbies in Hillside Mall between now and July 15 to […]

Beverly & Andrew’s Volunteer Story

What do you do at the end of a long, hard week of running your own home-based business? If you are Beverly and Andrew, you spend every Friday afternoon serving dinner to the Our Place family. Beverly and Andrew find that volunteering is a meaningful way to end the week. Their time at Our Place […]

Janet’s Volunteer Story

“I’ve been a volunteer with Our Place for four years,” says Janet who enjoys helping out at reception and in both kitchens. “Four days after I retired, I was talking to my husband and realized I needed to get out of Dodge,” she laughs. Janet previously worked as a travel agent for more than 20 […]

Tim’s Story

Tim Dafoe never thought he could have a new start, nor if he was even worth it. Between the ages of 10 and 21, Tim spent 9 years inside one institution or another, learning not how to live in society, but how to hide from it. “I went through a lot of trauma at a […]

Leslie’s Story

From Victoria to Paris and back again, Leslie has lived a whirlwind life that saw her climb the peaks of happiness to the valleys of despair. Born in Victoria, Leslie moved at a young age with her family to Hawaii where she graduated high school and attended university. From there, she travelled to Paris where […]

Tony’s Story

The one word that has followed Tony around for his entire life is ‘Trouble’. He doesn’t know if his birth parents loved him — or even wanted him. He only knows that he was given up for adoption at 21/2 years old. That abandonment by his birth family ingrained in him that even at such […]

Dakota’s story

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, Dakota Johnny thought about going back to his old life of using crystal meth. When he was younger, Johnny – who has been in recovery for 14 months — says he struggled with germaphobia, and as concerns around COVID-19 intensified, he found himself becoming anxious. He would wash his […]

My life has changed a thousand-fold

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Forest’s Story

Without a lone moment of kindness, Forest may have fallen deeper into the depths of addiction. After moving to Vancouver from Victoria with a girlfriend at the age of 18, Forest dipped his* toe into the heroin scene as a rite of passage to becoming a writer. The authors he admired (Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, […]