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Hungry Hearts Vital to Feeding Victoria Communities

Media release June 12, 2023 For Immediate Release VICTORIA, B.C. As the largest provider of emergency meals in the Greater Victoria region, the rising cost of ingredients has become a major challenge for Our Place. “We need to find $175,000 this year alone just to purchase protein,” says Kitchen Manager Brian Cox whose team serves […]

Unconditional Love Conquers All

When you think of the few thousand people experiencing poverty and homelessness Our Place serves each year, a story about true love may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Two seniors that Salome Waters, Our Place’s Seniors Inclusion Worker, visits are Sylvia, 67, and Nathan, 71, who have “been together 19 years, […]

Finding Hope at Our WorkPlace

In October 2022, Our WorkPlace celebrated five years of nourishing change and breaking down barriers for those living with challenges who want to re-enter the workforce. Our WorkPlace manager Ashley MacDonald (above) holds up a “selfie” sign to celebrate this milestone. In 2022, 170 clients gained invaluable employment skills training at Our WorkPlace, and 80 […]

Freedom and Acceptance at New Roads

Self-described “functional addict” Dean was never homeless, didn’t face poverty or lose his job. But, like so many of those we serve at Our Place, the trauma in his past, including coming from a broken home and a stint in foster care, played a big part in how his life unfolded as an adult. “I […]

Meet the Chefs of Our Place

Food has the amazing gift of bringing us together. Gathering for a meal and sharing with others around us is a universally joyful experience. Here at Our Place it’s no different. Serving over 1,400 meals a day, 365 days a year, is no easy feat – but we love doing it because we know that […]

Hope Lives Here, at New Roads

Hope is a word we often toss around casually as if it has no weight. But it does. We feel it is light because we so desperately need it in our lives, but to give someone hope is often a difficult and trying task. Hope can also mean the difference between not caring if you […]

Community and the Path to Recovery

Nestled in a quiet, unassuming neighbourhood in Saanich, Jaymac Place houses a unique “family” that’s built on shared community, lived experience, and now, brotherhood. “I have been clean and sober for one and a half years now and I have come a long way, with the help of the staff at Our Place,” says Patrick, […]

Volunteering at Our Place Strengthens Community for All

Some people may turn their heads to avoid interacting with those experiencing homelessness and poverty in our community, unsure, and even afraid, of what they might see or experience if they do. Grayg Mitrou, an Application architect and small business owner, and now a member of Our Place’s dedicated team of 300+ volunteers, shares that […]

Planting Seeds of Hope through Work

Many people might be surprised to learn that a big part of what we do at Our Place is nourishing change by supporting the people we serve – whom we call our family members – to find purpose and ways to contribute through teamwork, skills training, and employment. Our WorkPlace Breaking barriers, building skills and […]