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Walking through the Minefield of Addiction towards Hope

The perfect gift is unique to each individual, but the greatest gift of all can be the strength to save your own life. “People tell me I have a really impactful story,” says Jordan, Team Lead at New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community, and a recovering addict. “In a nutshell, I am the only surviving member […]

Thomas’s Story

Thomas has never had trouble excelling at anything he puts his mind to, but he has struggled in the past to find true purpose. That all changed, however, when he first walked through the doors of Our Place some 15 years ago. The building was still under construction, the very first housing residents were just […]

Maree’s Story

While Maree is a beacon of sunshine as a volunteer in Our Place’s computer lab, it’s her grit and determination that make her story resonate with those she helps. Born in Melbourne, Australia, as the eldest of five siblings, Maree first noticed something wasn’t quite right after going through puberty. “I suffered from depression, but […]

A Christmas Carol

CBC Victoria and Our Place present A Christmas Carol It’s the Christmas message full of hope, redemption and . . . ghosts. Featuring the vocal talents of CBC Radio personalities, Reach Choir and some very special guests. CBC and Our Place present a dramatic reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol on Friday, Dec. 8 […]

Dustin’s Story

When he was six years old, Dustin’s mom remarried and his new step-dad adopted him. It was a new beginning for his family, but unfortunately “my step-dad was not a very nice man,” says Dustin, 42. Violence at the hands of his step-father, (“There were weeks when I couldn’t attend school,” he says) led to […]

Portraits of Caring

Portraits of Caring IT’S YOUR TURN: For the past few years, renowned local artist Elfrida Schragen has painted portraits of community leaders. This year, you have the opportunity to have a personal portrait done by Mrs. Schragen. Consider a portrait of a spouse, your children, other family members, treasured pets, CEO, board member etc. Each […]

Dandelion Street Outreach program launches

Dandelion Street Outreach program launches at Our Place Our Place is known for its community drop-in centre on Pandora Avenue. It is one of the few places where anybody who is struggling with homelessness can find the help they need. But there is another portion of the street community who are hunkered down in isolated […]

Christmas Meal

Christmas at Our Place in time of pandemic  VICTORIA, B.C. – Despite COVID throwing another wrinkle in the works, Our Place wants to make sure that everyone can still enjoy a festive Christmas meal. “Our chefs are busy cooking turkey, smashing potatoes, mixing stuffing and peeling vegetables,” says Julian Daly, Chief Executive Officer of Our […]