A special invitation for corporations and local businesses to become involved in delivering a hot meal to Greater Victoria's most vulnerable citizens. The $500 costs associated with this meal only cover the food costs, so we also recommend a cash donation, if possible, on top. It takes a whole community to build a sense of hope and belonging. We invite your organization to be a part of it today.

We all know how a healthy start can influence our own sense of well-being. Imagine how much more important a morning meal is for someone waking up to an empty stomach on cold, damp cement.

This morning, many of Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens will wake up to an empty fridge – if any fridge at all. This is a problem, but we’ve got a solution – and you can be a part of it.

Peter ate our very first sponsored breakfast. He was so touched by that display of generosity, that he expressed this to the meal’s donor: “This is the best breakfast I’ve had since I was in treatment one year ago. I’m still sober, and I hope that I can take you out for breakfast one day."

Make an Impact that Lasts

For many people who are homeless or living in poverty, a healthy routine such as a daily breakfast can influence other positive life changes. Starting the day off with nutrition and community can encourage the discouraged to maintain other healthy habits – such as finding and maintaining work, seeking detox and treatment, or pursuing further education.

Become One of Our Valued Partners

Our Sponsor-A-Breakfast Program invites your group to help Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens by providing them with a warm, nutritious morning meal. Your breakfast gift will kick-start the day for up to 300 people.

You take care of the cost. We prepare the meal and, if you want, your team is invited to come and serve the meal yourselves!

The Details:

$500 covers the cost of the food, and we recommend a donation to Our Place on top. To ensure the best nutrition and variety, our kitchen staff will prepare a hot, cooked breakfast that could include: ham, eggs and potatoes, or pancakes and sausages, or eggs benedict and fruit, or . . . well, you get the idea.

We serve breakfast from 7am-8am. If your team would like to serve the meal, please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. If you can’t make it, rest assured knowing that your gift makes a difference.

If your group or organization would like to sponsor a breakfast or if you have further questions about how you can contribute please contact Tracy at [email protected] or 388 7112 ext 259.

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