December 19, 2016

When it comes to Christmas dinner, Our Place needs a lot of prep time. That’s because its kitchen staff and volunteers expect to feed over 750 hungry people.
As manager of food services at Our Place, Brian Cox is a pro at creating tasty meals for the masses on a limited budget. And thanks to the extra support of donors during the festive season, he’s able to get his hands on 450 kg of turkey, 225 kg of potatoes, 110 kg of stuffing, 100 kg of vegetables, 115 litres of gravy, 25 kg of cranberry sauce, 125 pies and over 1,500 cups of coffee.
“I love it,” Cox says with a near ear-to-ear grin. “The Our Place family really appreciates that we deliver such a special feast for them at this important time of year.”
Our Place has seen a dramatic rise in meals served this winter with over 116,000 meals served since Oct. 1.
“Christmas is all about family,” says Don Evans, executive director of Our Place. “And for those people living in poverty, we’re often the closest family they have. We want everyone to know they are loved and cared for.”