About Our WorkPlace

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

-Big Life Journal
Our WorkPlace (formerly known at Next Steps to Employment) was developed in 2016 as a one year pilot project. The goal of the pilot project was to determine whether a low-barrier employment program was going to be something that Victoria needed among the existing programs.
Next Steps to Employment opened in November 2017, with a pilot group of 12 participants.  In its first eight months, the program has worked with 28 individuals to support them towards employment.
Over the last 4 years, Our WorkPlace has gone through several changes with programming and staff, but ultimately our goal of meeting people with barriers to employment where they are at and supporting them through the back to work process.
Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.
-Big Life Journal
Our Place Society respectfully acknowledges the Lekwungen speaking peoples of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations for their gracious hospitality while we provide programs and services within their ancestral lands.

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Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.
-Big Life Journal
Strive for progress, not for perfection.
-Big Life Journal

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1627 Quadra Street

The Our WorkPlace Team

Ashley MacDonald

778-817-0354 or 250-999-1110 (call/text)

Ashley MacDonald, the Manager of Our WorkPlace has worked in employment services for nearly 10 years. Prior to that, she was a journalist whose editorials were often published across Canada. She is a fairly new transplant to Victoria from Northern BC and the Lower Mainland. She has a beautiful little boy who is usually the smartest person in any room.

Leighann Rowlandson

Job Developer
778-817-0354 or 250-981-0938 (call/text)

Leighann joins OWP with her 3 sidekicks: Roger, Lenny, and Annie. She loves to learn new things and returned to school (IN HER MID 40’s!!!) to obtain a degree in Social Work. She loves a good laugh, movies, books, and food.

Robert Weis

Web Developer
robertw@ourplacesociety.com (working on it)

Robert has a knack for everything computers.  He has passions for javascript programming and art,  his preferred medium is in digital sculpting.  He also has a weird thing for old horror movies and jerk chicken wings.

Paula Greene

Job Developer
Paula has had a long career as a Social Worker and Counsellor, working mainly with people who have experienced trauma. She is Mum to two amazing girls and has a menagerie of animals at home. You will often see her sidekick ‘Winne’ at work with her.

Morgan Andrews

Admin and Facilitation Assistant

Morgan was born and raised in Victoria BC. They are a neurodivergent human and proud weirdo with a love of making art, cats, being in the forest or near the ocean, and roller skating.

 Fran Roots

DJH Facilitator

Hi! I’m Fran, the Facilitator of Digital Job Hunters at Our Work Place. I am an experienced adult educator and community support worker with a big woolly dog.  I have worked at many different jobs in my life and lived in a variety of countries but now feel that I have found my ideal environment- facilitating DJH and living between the forest and the sea. I love the diversity of the people I work with, and appreciate the support and encouragement that OWP offers for everyone to find their own path through life.