Ashley MacDonald – MANAGER

Ashley MacDonald

Ashley has worked in employment services for nearly 10 years. Prior to that, she was a journalist whose editorials were often published across Canada. She is a fairly new transplant to Victoria from Northern BC and the Lower Mainland. She has a beautiful little boy who is usually the smartest person in any room.

          Leighann Rowlandson – JOB COACH

Leighann Rowlandson 

Leighann joins OWP with her 3 sidekicks: Roger, Lenny, and Annie. She loves to learn new things and returned to school (IN HER MID 40’s!!!) to obtain a degree in Social Work. She loves a good laugh, movies, books, and food.

          Paula Greene – JOB DEVELOPER

Paula Greene

Paula has had a long career as a Social Worker and Counsellor, working mainly with people who have experienced trauma. She is Mum to two amazing girls and has a menagerie of animals at home. You will often see her sidekick ‘Winne’ at work with her.

     Morgan Andrews – FACILITATOR

Morgan Andrews

Morgan was born and raised in Victoria BC. They are a neurodivergent human and proud weirdo with a love of making art, cats, being in the forest or near the ocean, and roller skating.