Making A Choice For Recovery

I sat down to lunch in the Our Place dining room recently to chat with several of the people who rely on us for their daily meals. To be honest, it’s one of my favourite parts of the day as it allows me to connect directly with the men and women Our Place is there to help.

One man, in particular, caught my attention and we began to talk. He was down on his luck, using drugs to mask his pain, but glad for the bowl of homemade soup, salad and bread on offer that day. When I asked what was bothering him, he said he knew he was going to end up back in prison soon because he was starting to commit crimes to feed his drug habit. He had tried short-term treatment programs in the past, but none had worked and he didn’t know where to turn.

This is a story that I hear too often. Someone suffering on the street, dealing with his or her addiction, only to get involved in criminal activity and end up in prison.

Now, in my opinion, this is where the story should change.

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There is a drug-overdose crisis in our community

I attended a memorial service at Our Place recently for a man who I had come to know for far too brief a time. 

The outpouring of love, affection and sadness over his passing would come as a surprise only to those who didn’t know him. Because, while he was part of the family at Our Place, to the outside world he was labelled something far different.

Having lived on the streets, this imposing but gentle man wore his share of demons, the deadliest of which is addiction.

He died too young, and sadly he’s not alone.

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