Why Give

At Our Place, a meal is often that first crucial step toward a healthier and happier life, one filled with connection, hope and belonging.

A nutritious meal is often what brings those we serve through our doors, but when they come to us for meals, we get the chance to spend time with them and offer them some support and care. We work to nourish the whole personphysically, socially, spiritually, and psychologically – and connect them to a path of positive change. When folks come to us for a meal, it’s more than just food on a plate – it’s compassion, community, acceptance – it’s a meal, plus so much more. 

Nourish Hope

Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today, and that you have the power to make it so. ~ Dr. Chan Hellman

For many, the time spent with Our Place staff and volunteers could be the only few hours of friendship, peace, and comfort they receive in a week or even longer. You nourish a hope and belonging. Our family members are grateful.

It’s the care and compassion that only Our Place staff and volunteers can provide: calming voices, friendly smiles and laughter, and connection. Your kindness will help folk who are experiencing homelessness not only meet their basic needs, but also let them know that someone cares for them.

CLICK HERE to read how Jordan, team lead at New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community nourishes HOPE in people every day

Nourish Change, Nourish Dignity, Nourish Community, Nourish Hope.


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