Vital, life saving items of socks, first aid and toiletries are always needed at Our Place Society but, with COVID protocols we don’t have the space or volunteers for the storing and sorting a large quanitity of items. A more effective way to support vulnerable people with essential items is through the donation of gift cards from a local store, or by donating the equivalent cost of the item through our online donation form (below), or by calling the Donor Hot Line at 250-940-5060. We can then purchase the items at bulk discount and get sizes, gender, style, etc. that are needed in the moment. And, you will get a charitable tax receipt!  Use the ‘Other’ checkbox and ‘Comments’ section to provide more than one gift.

And, we have a special gift for you! From now until Christmas we will send you a link to a downloadable ‘Angel’ Art Card that has been created by Mark, one of our talented artists staying at New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community. This makes a special gift for friends or family if you want to give a gift of a donation. We will send you the link to the card with your emailed thank you letter. Your donation will be transformed into Hope and Belonging at Our Place.Thank you for caring. 

* If you do have any of the items below you can drop off anytime at 919 Pandora (open 24/7). Sorry, no tax receipt for gifts in kind.