For the Employee

Next Steps to Employment

Want a Job? But need some help in getting ready?

  • Need some tickets/courses first?
  • Don’t feel that confident right now?
  • Have been out of work for a long time?

Next Steps to Employment is a 12-week program to help you break through your barriers to get back into work. Go at your own pace and discover new possibilities.

Learn with Others:

  • Be part of a small group of people who are also building their readiness to get a job
  • Meet trainers from different businesses who can get you up to speed

Get Individual Support:

  • Receive individual coaching in preparing to work, finding work and keeping work.

What You Learn:


  • Discovering Hidden Talents/ Building Trust/ Sharing Circle
  • Developing My Voice
  • Managing Conflict
  • Time Management
  • Learning to Budget

Employability Skills

  • Becoming a Team Player
  • Resolving Issues in the Workplace
  • Rehearsing for Job Interview
  • Developing a Professional Resume and Cover Letter

Work Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Food Prep
  • Minor Repairs/Basic Plumbing
  • Warehousing / Shelf stocking
  • Housekeeping


To add to your work readiness, you will have an opportunity to get certified in:

  • Food Safe
  • Our Place Employment Program Certificate
  • Superhost
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1
  • Serving It Right
  • Traffic Control

When ready, program staff will help you register for other courses in different trades.

Job Coaching:

Participants receive ongoing one-on-one support with our job coach throughout the program, continuing into employment.

Job Matching:

The journey that you began with pre-employment training leads you towards interesting volunteer opportunities, or joining the labour market. When ready, program staff will work with you to find appropriate jobs according to your preference and readiness level.

Our Definition of Success

Success is defined in many ways; for some people, it is finding full-time or part-time employment. For many, it might be moving on to further training or getting involved with the community through volunteer work. Yet for others, finding hope, developing their own voice, improving self-esteem or discovering hidden talents and strengths becomes a  definition of success.