Create Your Legacy of Love

by leaving a gift in your will

Would you like to extend your compassion and amplify your ability to help others in the future?  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As well as your loved ones, please consider including a gift to help marginalized community members in your will.  Your thoughtfulness will make a real difference to those experiencing poverty, homelessness, physical and mental health issues, and addictions.  The meals, shelter, and services that you provide will support Our Place “family members” who are most in need of a hand up.  We would be honored to be part of your legacy of love.

Including a gift in your will is a personal and important decision that will benefit the community and reinforce the importance of compassion to future generations. We are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and stewardship; please click here to read our Legacy Charter and promise to you.

A gift in your will, legally referred to as a bequest, is paid out through your estate. You won’t have to give up any of your income or savings during your lifetime. Every contribution, regardless of size, will make a difference to those we serve.

Giving costs less than you may realize. The charitable tax receipts that Our Place Society issues to your estate can substantially decrease, or even eliminate, tax that would otherwise be payable.

Leaving a bequest is not difficult; contact your lawyer or notary. You may also wish to consult your financial advisor about the most cost-effective ways to give and save taxes.

The easiest ways to leave a gift in your will are:

  • A Specific Bequest: You give a specific amount of money or a gift of property.
    • Please note that you can save more on tax by donating securities. Canada Revenue Agency does not charge capital gains tax on publicly listed securities donated directly to registered charities rather than being sold first.
    • If you are considering gifts of property, such as art or real estate, please contact us at the phone number/email below so that we can discuss the types of gifts we are able to accept.
  • A Residual Bequest: You give all or a portion of what remains of your estate after any specific gifts are distributed and estate fees and taxes are paid. This option provides flexibility and reduces the need to update your will as your financial situation changes.
  • A Contingent Bequest: You leave gift to be given under certain conditions. For example, you could redirect gifts to Our Place if others are unable to accept or have already passed.

Our legal name is Our Place Society, and the charitable registration number is 82709 8344 RR0001.

Please click Legal Information for more information about Our Place Society’s charitable status, finances, suggested will wording, and more.

Our Place Society cannot begin to thank its legacy donors enough for the vital role that they play in ensuring that the community’s greatest needs are met. We encourage you to let us know if you have decided to include a gift to us in your will. We would like to be able to thank you.


For more information and a confidential conversation, with no obligation, please contact:

Diana Gallivan, M.A. C.F.R.E., Philanthropy Advisor
Direct phone number: 250-940-5060, ext. 5104


December 21, 2022

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Are you feeling inspired by these donors and their legacies of love? Leaving a charitable gift in your will is not difficult, and contributions of all amounts make a real difference.
Please contact us if you would like any assistance in creating your own legacy at or 250-940-5063.