Imagine knowing that it’s possible for you to continue to help hundreds of your neighbours in need for years to come. A Planned Gift can make it happen today! Would you like to extend help to those in need after you’re gone? Planned giving is a fantastic way to leave a life-changing legacy. It’s an exciting way to continue to make a compassionate difference in the lives of Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens for years to come.

Please download our Legacy Booklet which further shares why legacy gifts are so important to the work that we do.

There are many ways to ensure your care and compassion lives on. The most common type of planned gift is a gift made in your will to Our Place Society. Also, naming Our Place Society as beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, TFSA or life insurance policy is another wonderful way to ensure that we can continue to provide for those in need. Life insurance policies can also be purchased specifically for Our Place Society. In addition to providing vital future support for Our Place Society, any of these planned gifts also provide a tax benefit for you or your estate.  (If you have publicly traded securities, ensuring that your Will gives your executor the power to gift them as part of your bequest to Our Place maximizes the tax savings.)  Moreover, where you designate Our Place Society as the beneficiary of registered savings or life insurance, there is the added benefit of reducing probate taxes payable to the provincial government.

Charitable remainder trusts (where you retain the income of the trust fund during your lifetime) are another way to provide benefits Our Place Society that will live on after your death. Such trusts give you an immediate tax credit, and shield the trust fund from probate taxes at your death. There are also other ways to include Our Place Society in any trust planning you are considering.

We strongly recommend donors seek professional advice from their legal and financial advisors before making a gift in your will or any other type of planned gift. These professionals can help guide you on the most tax-effective way to make your gift or craft the language in your will to meet your needs.

For information on how you or your client can leave a Legacy of Love, please contact Marg Rose, Director of Philanthropy, at 250-940-5067