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Gordon’s Story

If you walk into Our Place on a Wednesday afternoon, you’ll find a line of people waiting for Gordon. Every week this gentle man extends care and compassion to a host of people who sleep outside or on hard mats – people whose shoulders ache, whose spines are stiff, and whose backs are in dire […]

Don’s Story

“It’s like a game of snakes and ladders,” says long-time Victoria resident, Don McLeod, about injuries due to a recent bicycle accident that he’s concerned will impede his recovery. In the past, an injury like this one would have sent the retired commercial fisherman and businessman back to using heroin and prescription pain killers. But […]

Shawn’s story

“My dad was a long-standing member of the Victoria street community,” says Shawn, 29, as he sips a coffee at the end of his work day. “Yeah, he died on the stairs there behind the Empress. He had a heart attack and an alcoholic seizure.” Even though the paramedics successfully resuscitated Shawn’s father, Daryl died […]

Shirley’s Story

If you step into the Our Place Society building during the weekdays, you will probably see Shirley’s smiling face. Here from 6:30 am until 2:30 pm everyday, Shirley is part of a small but fiercely dedicated crew that maintains the cleanliness and beauty of the Our Place facility. Shirley has been here over a year […]

Jerome’s Story

Jerome has moved into stable housing for the first time in years. He is three years clean and faces this transition with confidence, despite the fact that changes like this used to terrify him. “I’ve experienced tons of abandonment in similar situations,” he explains. But this time it’s different. “Everything I’ve done this time, I’ve […]

Jill’s Story

When Jill first came to Our Place, she was in a virtual meltdown. Several years earlier, Jill had lost her job as a dietary aid at a long term care home when it was privatized. To make matters worse, she was forced to move from her home because a man who had stalked and assaulted […]

Dominic’s Story

From behind the security desk at Our Place Society on Pandora Avenue, Dominic, or “Dom” to his friends, greets nearly everyone who comes in the door with a smile and a “How’s your day going?” You would never know that two and a half years ago, he was on the other side of the security […]