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Lloyd’s Story

Lloyd freely admits he has made his fair share of mistakes, but for the most part he was able to stand on his own two feet while supporting a wife and two children — until the day his wife died. “Without my wife, I just wanted to die,” he admits. At age 54, and married […]

Jerry’s Story

Wearing a Pink Floyd T-shirt, it’s evident that music has always played an important role in Jerry’s life. When asked when he got married, he easily answers, “It was the year The Eagles released ‘Hell Freezes Over’.” He smiles. “That’s what all my friends said, Hell must have frozen over if Jerry is getting married.” […]

Karen’s Story

Jackie is wrapped in a warm blanket when Karen gently clasps her hands around Jackie’s feet. “I can feel energy traveling up my entire body,” Jackie says. “Like a weight being lifted.” The confession brings a smile to Karen’s face. She has heard it before — many times — but each experience means something different […]

Kari’s Story

Many of us face obstacles in our daily lives that challenge even the toughest individuals, but for Kari that very first obstacle nearly killed her. She was barely two months old. Newborn and vulnerable, Kari was diagnosed with brain cancer that caused tumours to grow inside her tiny skull. Surgeons were able to operate and […]

Dave’s Story

There are many roads that lead to Our Place, whether you arrive as a volunteer, staff member or someone in need. Quite often, those paths are multi-forked and complex, but the end result is always that you’ve found a place of healing, hope and belonging. When David Pickard found himself at the door of Our […]

Mabel’s Story

At the age of 60, Mabel accomplished one of her lifelong goals. She graduated high school. “I didn’t really do great in school when I was young,” she says. “It was always a struggle, and I never really understood why until later in life when my learning disability was diagnosed.” But despite that obstacle, Mable […]

John’s Story

Healing can come from the most unexpected places: planting a tree or mopping a floor, but perhaps the strongest connection is when someone looks into your heart and recognizes the strength inside. Born into a family of 15 children with alcohol-dependent parents, John Prevost admits he should be dead. A nurse told him once that […]

Mark’s Story

When he was only seven years old, Mark suffered the first of two serious head injuries that forever changed his life. While riding his bike to school in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Mark was struck by a car and suffered a devastating head injury. The driver stopped, helped him up and told him that he was […]

Rose’s Story

When Rose was studying to earn her Business Administration degree in Prince George, she never set her sights on future goals or dreams. But if she had, it’s unlikely that she would ever have imagined trying to live on a government allowance of $500 per month when her rent cost $495. “I picked bottles for […]